What Is Photogrammetry?

photogrammetry is just the collection of precise information about structures or environments based on numerous image inputs.

How Does It Work?

photogrammetry uses 3D geometry information and formulas e.g. the camera positions, its intrinsic parameters, and rays intersections to create the mesh.

What Is Meshroom?

Meshroom is a free, open-source photogrammetry software that is based on the AliceVision framework. With the help of that , you can generate a 3D model using ample images of an object taken from different angles. The software calculates the distance between surface points and creates an object mesh

What about the Workflow?

To do the photogrammetry , you’ll need to take as much as photographs of the object that you want the 3d mesh to be created.

Acquiring the Perfect Image

good pictures will generate good models. Getting the picture just right is the key to successful Meshroom photogrammetry. When taking images of an object or a scene, you need to keep in mind some variables that could affect the overall quality of the final images.

                                                                                                                                                                                             “Photographs taken for Our Ganaraya Photoscan”

What Does Meshroom’s Workflow Look Like?

Importing images into Meshroom is simply a drag & drop from your images folder into Meshroom. Your Meshroom projects will be saved in a folder called MeshroomCache.

                                                                                                                                                                              “Screenshot of Meshroom UI taken for Our Ganaraya Photoscan”

when the evaluation of Meshroom ends , The mesh will be saved in your cache folder with textures in it in Wavefront (.obj) Format

This is Our Final Result of Ganaraya Photoscan after bit of a cleaning up in blender :



I hope with this short information, now you know a bit about Photogrammetry,

Here’s Some more resources if you want to learn more & in depth about it


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